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Center for the Education, Testing and Research of Language

Who We Are

CENTRL is dedicated to supporting the nation in its pursuit of a more multilingual and multicultural citizenry.

Our Services

The three core services that CENTRL offers are designed to work in unison to support our overall mission.


CENTRL offers education to language educators and learners of world languages. We also create dynamic world language training materials designed to make language learning fun, easy and attractive to people of all ages.


CENTRL creates achievement, performance and proficiency tests in world languages, including less commonly taught languages. Our tests and test items make it easy to quickly gauge the language skills of an employee, candidate or student.


CENTRL understands the value of applied research and its contributions to language learning and testing. CENTRL staff conduct research in the areas of applied linguistics, second language acquisition, world language education and world language policy.


CENTRL is looking for people to join our worldwide team who are enthusiastic about helping world language learners and professionals maintain and increase their world language skills.

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